First attempt at gluten and grain free bread

I felt like today was a “milestone” in my gluten-free and paleo-inspired lifestyle. I attempted to make homemade bread from scratch. I’ve attempted some recipes in the past that ended up being complete failures (like making mayonnaise and barbecue sauce, for example) and I was hoping this wouldn’t be one of them. Thankfully, it turned out wonderful. Even better than I expected.

So I got the recipe from the website of my favorite food blogger, Danielle Walker. It can be found on:

The ingredients are pretty simple (although expensive):
Smooth, raw cashew butter
Apple cider vinegar
Almond milk
Coconut flour
Baking soda
Sea salt

One thing this recipe has you do is separate the egg yolks from the egg whites then beat the whites until “soft peaks form.” I will admit I’ve never done this before so was kind of amazed to see the egg whites literally turn into what looked like whipped cream.

photo 2

Then after I combined the rest of the ingredients together I promptly poured it into the bread pan as suggested and popped it in the oven.

photo 3

It took about 45-50 minutes for it to completely bake, but I was extremely happy with the result! It actually looked like a normal loaf of bread. I may be a little bread deprived because I haven’t had a normal slice of bread since 2012. This explains my excitement! 😉

photo 4

photo 5

This is where it gets funny. When it cooled to the point where I could eat it, I realized I didn’t have jam or lunch meat or anything so I just ate it plain. It was good! It has a slightly sweet flavor due to the honey, which I kind of like. I plan on making french toast tomorrow with breakfast. The texture is a little moist and dense, which reminds me almost of coffee cake or something. I think it would be good toasted with jam. It might even be good as sandwich bread but I’d have to pick up the ingredients to see. It seems like it would almost be too “cake-y” to eat with deli meat and lettuce, but who knows, it’s worth a try.

Anyways, that’s my most recent baking adventure. Here are some recent pics of Butters who is now 1 year and 4 months old and a whopping 91 pounds! Can’t believe how big he’s gotten!

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2


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