21 Day Cleanse Follow-up

Well guys, I have to own up to the fact that the 21 Day Cleanse was pretty tough. I didn’t make it the full 21 days but I did learn some valuable lessons from the experience.


I would like to try the 21 Day Sugar Detox from Balanced Bites again in the future. It was a good experience to add more vegetables to my diet, but it was difficult to limit fruit to one banana or one green apple per day. I love fruit. Berries, grapes, apples, pears… I could eat them with every meal. So that was difficult but at least it made me realize that I don’t need sugar with every meal.

Remember those Young Living products I was going to use? The ParaFree softgels and DiGize essential oil? They were an intense addition to the cleanse. The softgels were like swallowing potpourri. Spicy, cumin-flavored potpourri. After you took one (if you could stomach swallowing it) you’d taste it in your mouth for hours afterward. I also tried to drink the DiGize essential oil in a glass of almond milk (as recommended in the Young Living book)…nope, couldn’t do it. It was too strong to drink so I just applied it topically.  And just as a reminder, DiGize is an essential oil blend of: tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, fennel, lemongrass, anise, and patchouli.

So those were a little intense but I did like the addition of probiotics to my diet! They were easy to take and my digestive system felt more “settled” overall.

Another thing I also enjoyed was dry brushing. It was an easy and surprisingly relaxing way to exfoliate and stimulate the lymphatic system to aid in good, overall health. All you need is a dry, boar-bristle brush and about 10 minutes per day to lightly “brush” your skin, paying special attention to areas that have lymph nodes (neck, collar bone, under-arms, etc…).

The one thing I didn’t try? An epsom salt bath. I kept meaning to try it then I’d run out of time in the evening. I still plan on trying it in the near future though so when I do I’ll report back!

Even though I didn’t make it through the full 21 days of the cleanse, I did feel better overall toward the end. Cutting back on sugar, utilizing essential oils, and dry brushing are all things I’ll continue to do in the future.


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