Reusable “green” bags

I’ll admit it took me awhile to pick up reusable bags for groceries. Kevin and I currently have a paper bag under our kitchen sink stuffed to the brim with dozens of plastic bags.
After my stint in retail, I can see how plastic bags accumulate so quickly. One trip to the grocery store and you’ve got enough plastic to cover five mini trash cans.

I decided to put an end to it after a recent trip to Whole Foods when I saw the prettiest reusable bags!


Whole Foods bags are only 99 cents each, but that’s not even the best part! They practically pay for themselves because every time you bring your reusable bag to the store you can put 10 cents toward your total purchase or choose to donate it to their charity. Another great incentive to buy a reusable bag!


I went back and bought a couple more with Kevin in mind. I wasn’t sure if he’d appreciate shopping with the pastel purple and green bags, so I got him some “manly” colored ones. 😉


So far I’ve really enjoyed the reusable bags. They’ve proven to be pretty sturdy and durable. The material is also easy to wipe off if condensation gets on it. I’ve even gotten into the the habit of keeping a bag in my car for unexpected trips to the grocery store.

I’m pretty new to supporting the “green” initiative. Anyone else have reusable bags that have served them (and the environment) well?


2 thoughts on “Reusable “green” bags

  1. Getting the habit of remembering is the big hurdle. After that you wonder how you could have waited so long. The P bags were banned Jan of this year in Hawaii. Now how about those bags in the vegetable isle? Do two potatoes and a couple oranges really need their own bags to go inside of other bags and then be thrown away 1/2 hr later?

    • I completely agree about the plastic bags in the produce department! I’ve pretty much stopped using them. I fill my basket with loose fruit and vegetables then try to wash them extra well when I get home. I think I used the produce bags in the first place to prevent them from coming into contact with my packages of meat, etc…

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