The Paleo Diet – Day 22

Today I wanted to try making homemade Paleo mayo. I’ve been putting off this recipe for weeks because it seems like it would be super easy to botch. I mean, if mayo were easy to make wouldn’t people be making it at home all of the time? Mayo is just one of those things I can’t imagine coming in any other form than a jar.

Well, I decided to give it a try. Sarah Fragoso includes Paleo mayo in a lot of her recipes, like the tuna stuffed avocado I wanted to try today. I assembled all of the necessary ingredients: olive oil, apple cider vinegar, eggs, cayenne pepper, salt, and yellow mustard.


I followed the directions and beat every ingredient together with my hand mixer on its slowest setting. You’re suppose to beat the olive oil in as slowly as possible at the end (which I tried to do), and this is how my mayo turned out:


That is not mayo. That is way too liquid-y to ever even be considered mayo ;). I have no idea where I went wrong while trying to make this, but I ended up wasting a lot of ingredients in the process.

After my mayo-catastrophe I was still hungry and needed to use my ripe avocados so I figured I would just use the light mayo I had in the fridge. The mayo I used is not Paleo-approved because it contains preservatives and refined oils such as canola oil. I will admit I felt guilty for using the light mayo. I know I shouldn’t be too hard on myself but if I’m going to do The Paleo Diet strictly for one month, I want to do it to the best of my ability.

Despite using the wrong mayo the tuna stuffed avocados still turned out very well. I mixed mayo, tuna, dill pickles, celery, and garlic salt in bowl, scooped the contents in to half an avocado, and topped with grape tomatoes.


I was thinking about why I’m so attracted to adapting Paleo as a lifestyle and incorporating whole foods into my diet and I believe this quote, from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo, describes it accurately:

“Are we really meant to work from nine to five, come home, flip on the TV, warm up some plastic-wrapped, chemically laden meal in a box, kiss the kids good night as they stare at their video games, then get up and hit the repeat button? … Once I changed my eating habits and began to feel better, I decided to give up those old habits that our family had pretended were real life. It’s amazing to think this life-changing decision was prompted by simply changing our nutrition.”

My past eating habits prevented me from feeling my most alert, healthy, and energized. I truly was consuming too much sugar, fast food, and packaged junk food. In the past few weeks some people have asked me “Why are you on a diet? You don’t need to lose weight.” One of the biggest misconceptions about The Paleo Diet is that it’s meant solely for weight-loss. Weight-loss is only part of The Paleo Diet because it happens naturally as a side-effect of cutting out excess sugar, carbs, soda, ect… I like the Paleo Diet because you replace processed foods with whole foods and in turn prevent potentially harmful chemicals from entering your body.

I’m not saying I’ll never eat another bowl of ice cream again, I just believe there are benefits to eating this way most of the time. I know you only live once and chocolate is too tasty to pass up all of the time ;).


2 thoughts on “The Paleo Diet – Day 22

  1. Hi Courtney,
    I finally got to reading the rest of your blogs. Which I just love. Thanks for all these recipes. I too am scared to try the mayo 😦

    As you know the whole reason I changed my diet was because of my anxiety attacks, at least that is what the doctors labeled it. When I went to the naturalist Dr. we discovered I’m sensitive to various things in our food chain, also have an overload of various chemicals and heavy metals. As are many of us and we don’t realize it until we change things in our life and discover the difference in our health. Much of this is caused from how our foods are processed, etc.

    After being told all the things I am sensitive to, I was a bit scared, and thought what the “H” do I eat?

    Thank God the angels led me to the Paleo diet to give me a guide to help change my eating habits. I commend you for following it to the “T” as I do not. I am not sensitive to chocolate so I have organic dark chocolate quite a bit. I am also not sensitive to beans or any nuts so I have them a lot also. For me this is not life or death, like it could be for someone allergic to nuts, or for someone with Siiac disease. I can still eat all the junk on occasion, but after being away from it, my body flares up ASAP with warning signals after eating it.

    I have noticed when I eat crackers/bread/chips, by the end of the day my sinuses will be stuffed up and I’ll wake up in the morning with a stuffed up nose. I think about how for years I thought that was normal, seasonal allergies. Well it’s an allergy alright, a sensitive allergy to these foods. When you don’t feel it anymore, not having any of the anxiety symptoms anymore and knowing a big portion of it is from changing your diet. That is huge and makes you want to stick to this life style. Like I said I can guarantee most people are sensitive to this also and they don’t even realize it, just like I didn’t realize food was a major factor in how I was feeling before all this. There is a lot more I could say here about the chemicals and metals, how I use safe house hold cleaning and bathing products, lotions, etc. It all makes a huge difference for our health.

    Afterward, just listen to your body, when you reintroduce those foods, just see how you feel. You stated it so perfect, that yes the diet does help with weight loss because you are eating healthy allowing your body to operate the way it should, thus taking on its natural size and shape. Just imagine, this could be everyone’s life style. I could go on and on with processing of the food chain and how so much of it needs to be changed. I am in full agreement that foods need to be labeled GMO so people understand what they are putting into their bodies and so they can make a better choice for themselves. There is no doubt that by making the choice to eat more healthy, we make that change happen because if no one ate or bought the other stuff anymore, there wouldn’t be a market for it and things would have to shift and I can guarantee we would see the obesity rate drop as well as many diseases go down. So for me eating this way is a life style for many reasons.

    Your blog has been wonderful. I truly enjoy reading this. You are such a great writer and an inspiration. Love you.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Cheri! I’m glad you brought up how The Paleo Diet eased your anxiety. I’ve also had panic attacks off and on for years and have not had one since starting this diet. After changing my eating habits my anxiety levels have been much more manageable. I should write an entire blog post on this topic. It’s pretty incredible how food can change how you feel.

      I think it’s great that you listen to your body to find out which foods you’re sensitive too. I don’t think I’m sensitive to beans or nuts either, but I may be to things like bread. I’ll write a few posts on how I feel after “reintroducing” these foods. Thanks for reading and adding your insight! Love you too! 🙂

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