The Paleo Diet – Day 16

Yesterday I made meatloaf and wasn’t too impressed with the results. This was my first time making meatloaf so maybe I just have to tweak the ingredients and the cooking process? I used ground beef, ground pork, onion, garlic powder, two eggs, and almond flour. I tossed it all in a bowl, mushed it together, spread it into a bread pan, and cooked it at 375 degrees for an hour. I was surprised by how greasy and heavy it was. Maybe I need to buy leaner meat next time? I roasted some sweet potatoes to go with it.



This morning I made an excellent smoothie for breakfast. I added one frozen banana, a couple tablespoons of almond butter, a half cup of unsweetened coconut milk, 3 ice cubes, and a dash of cinnamon to a blender. I highly recommend trying this one!





Just in case you’re wondering what unsweetened coconut milk tastes like, it’s surprisingly plain. It kind of tastes like a thicker version of water with a hint of coconut. It’s not bad, just different. It worked very well with the smoothie and isn’t awful on it’s own. I drank it plain but added a little cinnamon to it to give it more flavor. Here’s the brand I bought:



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