The Paleo Diet – Day 6

I’m on day 6 of The Paleo Diet and so far, so good! Kevin and I went to the grocery store to stock up on some necessary ingredients a couple days ago. I wanted to try some recipes from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo and got about 90% of the ingredients I needed. Some ingredients were a little foreign to me. A lot of her recipes call for coconut milk and coconut oil (usually in place of vegetable oil). There were also a lot of herbs and spices I needed to buy. Cayenne pepper, parsley, dried dill, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, Italian seasoning, etc… My head was spinning while trying to find all of these.

One new item I bought from the grocery store that I fell in love with was almond butter! It doesn’t taste much different from peanut butter. The consistency is a little more grainy and needs frequent stirring, but I love the flavor! So far I’ve put it on apple slices and celery. Today, as part of my lunch, I made some “ants on a log.”


The other part of my lunch was eggs with diced onion, tomatoes, and an orange.


For dinner I made stuffed green peppers. The inside of the pepper consisted of ground beef, diced cauliflower (in place of white rice), and diced onion with garlic powder seasoning. We also had a side of steamed cauliflower and lettuce with carrots and raisins. Kevin had ranch dressing and I had raspberry vinaigrette dressing (I’ll have to try making some Paleo dressings next time).


One positive change I’ve noticed over the past six days is feeling a lot less sluggish after meals. When I was eating high-carb meals I’d often feel a spike in my blood sugar. My heart rate would increase, I’d feel a little “amped up,” and then I’d feel tired. The energy I get from food now feels stable and consistent. It’s like a good, clean energy.

The one negative change I’ve noticed while adjusting to The Paleo Diet is a higher susceptibility to lightheadedness. I’ve read this can happen because your body is learning to transition from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. I feel like my body burns through fruits and vegetables like a furnace. If I start feeling lightheaded eating a snack and drinking some water usually resolves the issue.

The sugar cravings haven’t been unbearable yet. I managed to turn down Dunkin’ Donuts at work recently. I walked into the office to find two dozen donuts sitting on the counter. I opened a package just to see what kind the manager had picked out and instantly my mouth started watering as the smell of sweet, freshly baked dough hit the air. I resisted. It wasn’t easy, but I resisted. 🙂


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